Event system implemented

Hey guys,

The event system is live! It is a bit limited right now, but the infrastructure is solid :) There will always be 3 randomly generated events for you to peruse. Along with this system comes the new 'respect' and 'fear' statistics. These will affect how your villagers work, given bonuses in some areas, and detracting from others. 

Now, there is generally a 'right' and 'wrong' way to do the challenges, but even doing the right way may not reward you conventionally sometimes. You may lose resources such as food or population, but gain respect or fear. Keep in mind that making choices is the only way to change your villagers feelings about you.

So for now, you can infinitely repeat the same 3 events. I am looking at putting in a cooldown and a hell of a lot more event choices. Further ahead, I am looking at making event choices have random outcomes. Give the wanderer food and he will just go. Or he might join the village. Or he might send you to a gold cache. I think this will really spice events up. 

As always, Enjoy!

Peter Carey


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May 22, 2018

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