Population and resources implementation

Hi guys,

The latest update has me actually doing things with population instead of just sitting there looking at it. The villages population will now increase over time. By my calcs, once every 40 seconds at the very start of the game. This will climb as the population of the village climbs. There will also be a death approximately every 80 seconds (or just twice the birthrate). I am looking at implementing "Village Events" that can take player input to adjust these things based on player decisions.

I have also implemented a "working population". This is a tracker of how many of your people are currently working. You cannot assign population to an area unless you have more village pop than working pop. 

Finally, I have added in wood and food resources. The forager and rangers cabin will affect these once I have implemented it. 

This build has me messing around with persistence things a bit more, so it may be slightly unstable. Testing so far has it fine, but if you come across one feel free to comment on this or another post describing it and I'll get right to it!

Have fun guys,

Peter Carey


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May 20, 2018

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