Persistence improvement and population changes actually work now.

Hey guys,

With the last patch, I implemented the ability to change a buildings population based off your working population and your village population. While the buttons clicked and the numbers changed, they actually we rent perpetuating to the server. So, that's fixed, and so is a major bug in building persistence. 

Thats all really for this one, just a quick overnight patch for that. A note: if you cant increase population, you dont have any spare workers. Also, every building has a population of 1 that is tied to that building. Think of it as the lowest base threshold. It means you will always eke some level of resource out of the building even if you dont give it any workers. These base populations dont affect your working population, so thats all g. Im working on a system to portray your working population, but for now just go off the whole, "bugger, cant add any more in, must be out".

As always, enjoy!

Peter Carey

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May 20, 2018

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